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The first public release of PowerToys is now available for download featuring the two utilities FanzyZones and Shortcuts Guide. Microsoft revealed in May 2019 that it wanted to revive PowerToys and make it open source in the process.

Veteran Windows users may remember PowerToys from the Windows 95 and Windows XP days; these lightweight tools introduced new features and options to the Windows systems: from adding virtual desktops and viewing Cab files to an advanced graphical calculator, resolution changer, and clock on the desktop.

The initial preview release of PowerToys features the two utilities FancyZones and Windows key shortcut guide.

Installation is straightforward. Download the PowerToys installer from the official project page on GitHub and execute it after the download. You may want to disable the autostart of the PowerToys during logon unless you plan to use them extensively.

An icon is placed in the system tray area when you launch PowerToys after installation. A click on it opens the settings which you may use to enable or disable individual utilities. If you only want to use FanzyZones, you could disable Shortcut Guide.


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All Microsoft’s PowerToys for Windows 10, Explained:
Microsoft is hard at work on PowerToys for Windows 10. This open-source project adds many powerful features to Windows, from a bulk file renamer to an Alt+Tab alternative that lets you search for windows from your keyboard.

We originally published this article on April 1, 2020. We’ve updated it with information about the latest PowerToys: PowerToys Run and Keyboard Manager for launching applications and managing keyboard shortcuts. They’re part of PowerToys 0.18, which Microsoft released on April 19, 2020.
The PowerToys package is still in its early stages, with more tools planned before the 1.0 release. Microsoft expects to release the final version in September 2020.
GitHub home page:


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Microsoft today released version 0.19 of PowerToys, its collection of utilities and tools for power users on Windows 10. Despite being a "major" release in the timeline, there are no new features in this version, and it focuses exclusively on adding bug fixes and quality improvements. This comes after last month's version 0.18, which added PowerToys Run and Keyboard Manager to the suite of tools, and that release already had two minor bug fix updates.
If you're interested in the full list of fixes, you can find it on GitHub, where you can also download the latest version of PowerToys.