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Microsoft Releases Mysterious Windows 10 Patch KB4033637, Refuses to Share Info

Microsoft has silently published Windows 10 update KB4033637 for computers running the Anniversary Update (version 1607), but contrary to the company’s typical approach when rolling out new patches, it hasn’t included a knowledge base article to explain what the new release actually does.

And what’s worse is that a company employee has made the whole thing even more uncanny after offering a totally unexpected answer when someone asked about the purpose and the contents of the update.

“May we know why you’re asking?” Microsoft’s Michelle Vil replied to a user who turned to the Microsoft Community forums in search for more information on update KB4033637.

While it shouldn’t be a surprise for the company’s staff that network and system administrators in charge of hundreds or thousands of machines aren’t willing to install updates on Windows 10 devices unless they know exactly what they do, Microsoft is yet to provide any information on the mysterious update, despite the first inquires for a change log were posted online on July 24.

Flash Player security update?
For some reason, the update is still being offered to Windows 10 systems and wasn’t included in the monthly Patch Tuesday cycle that took place on August 8.

Reddit user /u/PwnySlaystation01 got in touch with Microsoft support staff and after pressing for an answer, more information has finally been provided.

It turns out KB4033637 is actually a security update for Adobe Flash aimed at Windows 10 version 1607 x64, though this still doesn’t answer all the questions, such as why are some systems only now getting the patch and why wasn’t it included in the August Patch Tuesday?

It appears that the company does have an internal knowledge base article on this particular update, only that it doesn’t want to share it with the rest of the world for some reason.

We have also reached out to Microsoft to ask for more information on this update and will update the article should an answer be provided.

UPDATE: Microsoft has just published a KB page for this update and it appears it's not aimed at fixing a Flash Player security bug.
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