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Microsoft is reportedly putting the finishing touches on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which is slated to arrive on August 2. The report comes from Windows Central, saying that build 14384 should be the first RTM (release to manufacturing) build.

The company has begun the sign-off process for the build, which means that it will put a variety of builds through internal tests, and then it will pick the best one for a public release.

According to the report, Insiders can expect to see a final build by the end of next week. The timeline isn't surprising. With the Anniversary Update less than a month away, we should certainly be in the polishing phase.

The fate ofWindows phones that are ineligible for the Anniversary Update is still undetermined. Such unsupported devices have had a sort of "upgrade at your own risk" option through the Release Preview ring. These users will be unable to install the Anniversary Update, but it's not clear if build 10586 will remain available for them.

The report also states that the Redstone 2 (Rs2) builds that Microsoft is compiling are in the 148xx range, and should begin shipping to Insiders in mid-to-late August. The Redstone 2 update isn't slatedto arrive for the public until April, 2017.


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