Microsoft Edge will support Chrome extensions. Will this make you switch browsers?

  • Yes

  • No

  • I don't know...

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I liked Edge but the Update Cycle was awful. Microsoft moving to Chromium is a bad move, more Google dominance which is the opposite of what we want.

We need more browsers outside the Chromium Base.
I know but Microsoft will have to communicate this to the developers who base their products off IE. EA Origin comes to mind. Many many clients that download video games.
Both Origin and Steam been using Chromium for a while now, and work fine without IE. IE is widely used in Enterprise Software though, it can't be removed from night to day.


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Yeah, they missed their chance (again).
But now it's a builtin Chrome fork. So more people will use it. If it works good there is no need for other browsers on your system. They will be contributing to the Chromium project. So instead of trying to beat Google (and fail) they now have influence on how Chromium will evolve.
So maybe not all is lost.... I'm an optimist :D
I agree understand and appreciate @Gandalf_The_Grey & @tonibalas views. I honestly don't know how I'd vote as I haven't yet. I must be in the extreme minority of users who like Edge warts and all. Clean UI and I like bookmarks UI without bookmarks bar. Secure PDF viewer.

Chrodge - that's really funny.:LOL::LOL::LOL: But will Chrodge be un-Googled? Doubtful. So I may migrate to Brave Beta full time. Or maybe MS will surprise everyone? Doubt that as well, since they are introducing some limited early version in early 2019, but not a full release. Maybe rushing into another debacle?


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The current Edge is not that bad, but still slower than (in my case) Google Chrome.
We have to wait and see what Chrodge (brillant name (y)) will bring us.
Voted I don't know and hoping for a pleasant surprise.from Microsoft.
I'm with you on this, for no good reason other than your reasonableness cheerful disposition! And your earlier point about 3rd party softs. :)