Microsoft shares fix for 'camera upload is paused' Android OneDrive error


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Aug 17, 2014
Microsoft says a OneDrive issue prevents some Android users from uploading photos and videos from their camera roll to the cloud. Based on user reports on the Microsoft Community site and other social media platforms, camera upload errors have affected desktop and mobile users since at least 2018. OneDrive Android customers impacted by this problem are seeing "Camera upload is paused. To activate camera upload, give OneDrive permission to access your photos and media." errors.

OneDrive Android camera upload paused

OneDrive Android camera upload paused
To fix OneDrive camera upload being paused on Android, as well as on Macs and Windows computers, you have to follow this procedure:
  1. On your Android device go to Settings > Permission Manager > Files and Media.
  2. Select OneDrive in the app list and choose Deny.
  3. Go back to the OneDrive app and select Me.
  4. Select Settings > Camera upload.
  5. Ensure the Camera upload account shows the account you want to back up.
  6. Enable Camera upload.