Microsoft Teams hits 115M users, up 50% since April; Satya Nadella sees ‘platform effect’ emerging


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Apr 24, 2016
Microsoft continues to rapidly expand its Teams collaboration software user base. Teams now has 115 million daily active users, up more than 50% from April (75 million users), and more than 160% from March (44 million users).

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella revealed the latest statistic during the company’s fiscal first quarter earnings call. The growth of Teams illustrates how more companies are using collaboration apps with the shift to remote work amid the pandemic. Others including Zoom, Slack, Google, and more offer competing products in the booming market for collaboration technology.

The Teams growth also explains one of the reasons why Microsoft’s revenue and profits climbed in the September quarter. The company’s Productivity and Business Processes division, which includes Teams, was up 11% over last year to $12.3 billion in the quarter.

“We are seeing increased usage intensity as people communicate, collaborate and co-author content across work, life, and learning,” Nadella said on the call.

Teams has an advantage over competitors because it is offered as a component of the Microsoft 365 subscription plans that include the company’s widely used Office productivity software.

Nadella touted how Microsoft is able to integrate Teams with other 365 apps such as PowerPoint and Dynamics. Microsoft is not only seeing increased Teams usage but also “significant growth of usage across all these modalities inside of Teams,” he said.

“Teams is very exciting to us, because unlike anything else that we’ve done at the application layer, it’s literally like a shell,” Nadella said. “It has a platform effect. It is meetings; it’s chat; it’s collaboration; as well as business process applications, integrated into Teams. That scaffolding richness literally makes it a very robust platform.”

He added: “Meetings are important, but they are transactional. Work happens before meetings, during meetings, and after meetings. That ability to have the workflow completely stitched together is where Microsoft 365 really stands out. That reinforcing effect of Teams by itself, and then Microsoft 365 in conjunction with Teams, is where you’ll see a significant amount of usage growth, more so than individual tools of the past, even.”
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Aug 4, 2016
My other half does a lot of work with her job with teams originally of Covid - Now it seems it's far cheaper for people to do their training/teaching from home using their internet connection, PC, heating etc so I can't see it changing much regardless of how Covid goes - I dislike teams greatly, but have to keep it running happily on her laptop I think things will stay that way - We have a 365 subscription but I chose to use another office program on this PC.
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