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Aug 17, 2014
Attackers are using ads for fake Microsoft Teams updates to deploy backdoors, which use Cobalt Strike to infect companies’ networks with malware.

Microsoft is warning its customers about the so-called “FakeUpdates” campaigns in a non-public security advisory, according to a report in Bleeping Computer. The campaign is targeting various types of companies, with recent targets in the K-12 education sector, where organizations are currently dependent on using apps like Teams for videoconferencing due to COVID-19 estrictions.

In the advisory, Microsoft said it’s seen attackers in the latest FakeUpdates campaign using search-engine ads to push top results for Teams software to a domain that they control and use for nefarious activity, according to the report. If victims click on the link, it downloads a payload that executes a PowerShell script, which loads malicious content.

Cobalt Strike beacons are among the payloads also being distributed by the campaign, which give threat actors the capability to move laterally across a network beyond the initial system of infection, according to the report. The link also installs a valid copy of Microsoft Teams on the system to appear legitimate and avoid alerting victims to the attack.