Microsoft Teams will get a multitasking panel this month


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Aug 17, 2014
Last month, we reported that Microsoft is working on two of the most-requested Teams features, which are scheduled to arrive in June. But that doesn't mean the company has nothing for this month. In fact, it is currently working on a multitasking panel for Microsoft Teams users on iPad.

According to Microsoft 365 Roadmap page, Microsoft is working on a collapsible multitasking right panel to help users be more productive during a Teams meeting. The new multitasking panel is where you can chat with people alongside an ongoing meeting, enabling a richer experience. "Faster roster views" will be another important benefit of having the new right-side multitasking panel.

These new features will be rolled out to Teams users on iPad this month, as per the Roadmap page. But apart from these changes, the company also promises to bring better Teams optimization for iPad users.

Teams multitasking panel

However, there is no guarantee these changes will be available this month. And even if they do, not everyone will be able to get them as they are limited to iPad users. That said, Microsoft shared nothing on the exact date of their availability. In all likelihood, these changes will be introduced to Teams for iPad as with a feature update this month.