Update Microsoft to introduce some improvements to polls in Teams


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Aug 17, 2014
Microsoft rolled out polls in Teams way back in 2020, and the software giant has since then introduced several improvements such as intelligent poll suggestions to improve the overall experience of Teams meetings. It will continue to make the polls experience better by introducing new features, and you can get to see one as early as next month.

According to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap page, Microsoft will introduce a new capability to polls in Teams meetings, enabling meeting presenters and organizers to eliminate the pain of creating repeated polls every time from scratch. How'd they be able to get rid of the process, you ask? Well, Microsoft will allow presenters and organizers to access the polls previously created to re-use or modify.

By modifying previous polls, presenters can apply them in new meetings without creating repeated polls every time from scratch. It will definitely save meeting organizers a lot of time, for sure. However, it will be limited to those using Teams Desktop clients and Teams for the web at launch.

Microsoft Teams re-use polls