Microsoft: Users Shouldn’t Install Apps Disabling Windows 10’s Data Collection Features

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Microsoft is under fire again for the tracking services that it bundled into Windows 10, with some privacy watchdogs claiming that the new operating system can become some sort of modern Big Brother for the Redmond-based technology giant, but the company says that it collects absolutely no data without users’ consent.

So basically, yes, some data is indeed collected from your computer, but you need to give your approval before anything happens.

By default, some tracking services are turned on, which means that this tracking takes place once you install the operating system, so a number of third-party apps that reached the web recently comes to address this problem by disabling not only the features that you can see and control and which collect your data, but also hidden services bundled with the same purpose.

But there’s one big question: should we turn to such apps to enhance our privacy when using Windows 10?

To get the best answer, we’ve reached out to Microsoft, asking whether such apps should be used by Windows 10 adopters and if there’s indeed a problem of privacy in Windows 10.

Stay away from these apps
The company only answered the first matter and said the following:

“We strongly suggest customers do not install applications of this nature. These types of third-party apps can alter the way the system operates, creating future problems and changing important settings and features,” a company spokesperson explained.

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I fully agree. If you want to tweak your system, do it yourself and not resort to such apps. 99% of the time, users of such apps do not know what has been done to their PCs. When things start breaking, they would be totally clueless. It is better to research and turn off the settings yourself, at least that way you have a higher chance of knowing what has been changed.


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I don't agree.

PD: And I like the lines the app added to my hosts file. In fact, I even love the services it has disabled, saved me a lot of time.
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Well in my view, I don't think it will came up to the worst point when application are the culprit where Windows diagnostic collecting algorithm are disabled.

I say Yes where it cannot provide enough information to cope up the issue but you can search any problems online about the specific error.

Actually for sure many users are done to deactivate any tracking options without any issue occur.


Well, it is obvious that MS say this, these apps work without that user has the necessary technical knowledge and this means that it becomes very easy for everyone to disable tracking functions.

But my point is : I don't know what these apps really do and maybe exist some risk of failure.
I'd rather do it myself.


This boils down to the old saying "stuck between a rock and a hard place". Everyone criticizes microsoft, complains of the user experience, and when the company utilizes algorithms to learn specifically about you, to tailor to your needs, they are just collecting data to be intrusive?

Give a hard thinking to the statement i just wrote above this.


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Nobody is spying on your keystrokes; analytics software collects your input to deliver a more personal, relevant response.

Your browser is 'spying' on your keystrokes. Your browser (an extensions, especially ad-block and other security ones) are 'spying' on all your web traffic. The definition of 'spying' has been redefined to something unrelated to the word.

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Windows 10 is very insidious, it uses your screen as a hypnotic device, sending subliminal datas directly to your brain !

indeed, while you are active on your computer (gaming, surfing, etc...) , you are hypnotized and then unconsciously delivers to MS all relevant and tasty secrets you may have !!!!

your sensitive infos are delivered to MS by yourself via email to this adress:

the hypnosis is set to make you forget that you wrote this email and delete any traces of its existence !!

the most insidious things is that the hypnosis will then make you criticize and blame MS for Windows 10 privacy abuse !!
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