Microsoft warns it just blocked ‘BIGGEST cyberattack ever’


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Apr 17, 2020

Microsoft warns it just blocked ‘BIGGEST cyberattack ever’ from ‘70,000 computers across Asia’ – including China​

MICROSOFT has fought off the biggest "DDoS attack" in its history.

The huge cyberattack involved tens of thousands of computers – most of which were spread across Asia.
Microsoft revealed a huge cyberattack that it was able to blockCredit: Microsoft
Cyberattacks are increasingly common and highly sophisticated.

One of the most common types of cyberattack is a DDoS – or Distributed Denial of Service.

That's when an attacker will flood a victim's system with "internet traffic", overloading it and forcing it offline.

This can be used to target websites, computer servers and even individual internet users.

Microsoft says this particular attack targeted one of its customers in Europe, via the firm's Azure computer service.

And said it was 140% stronger than the previous-highest attack blocked by Microsoft Azure in 2020.
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