Microsoft warns of new Minecraft DDoS malware infecting Windows, Linux


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Aug 17, 2014
A new cross-platform malware botnet named 'MCCrash' is infecting Windows, Linux, and IoT devices to conduct distributed denial of service attacks on Minecraft servers.

The botnet was discovered by Microsoft's Threat Intelligence team, who report that once it infects a device, it can self-spread to other systems on the network by brute-forcing SSH credentials.

"Our analysis of the DDoS botnet revealed functionalities specifically designed to target private Minecraft Java servers using crafted packets, most likely as a service sold on forums or darknet sites," explains the new report by Microsoft.

Currently, most of the devices infected by MCCrash are located in Russia, but there are also victims in Mexico, Italy, India, Kazakhstan, and Singapore.



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Apr 24, 2016

From the BleepingComputer article:
Starts with pirated software

Microsoft says that devices are initially infected with MCCrash after users install fake Windows product activator tools and trojanized Microsoft Office license activators (KMS tools).

The cracking tools contain malicious PowerShell code that downloads a file named 'svchosts.exe,' which launches ',' the primary botnet payload.

MCCrash then attempts to spread to other devices on the network by performing brute-force SSH attacks on IoT and Linux devices.

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