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Microsoft's Surface lineup could use a refresh, as the hardware lags behind the rest of the PC industry. Many of us are wondering when that refresh is coming, and what it will look like. A new report from's Brad Sams has outlined some of it, including codenames and possible release timeframes.

Libra is most likely the low-cost Surface device that was reported by Bloomberg almost a month ago. The device will reportedly cost about $400 and include an Intel Core M processor. According to Sams, this is slated for later this year, so it could come shortly after Intel announces its Amber Lake eighth-generation Y-series processors.
Alongside of all of that, Mary Jo Foley is also reporting that we might see refreshes of the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop that include eighth-generation Intel processors.

So to recap, we can at least hope to see the new low-cost Surface codenamed 'Libra', the Surface Studio 'Capitola', and Andromeda this year, along with eighth-gen refreshes of the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop. Next year, we'll see 'Carmel', the redesigned Surface Pro, along with a new HoloLens that's codenamed 'Sydney' and the new Surface Hub 2. And finally, the next Xbox console, codenamed 'Scarlett', will arrive in 2020.