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Hi everyone! Tia here. And yes, I still have a Commodore Vic-20 PC complete with the box. Now when I say I miss my Commodore days I am not referring to the slower than ever processor or the crappy graphics and certainly not the hopeless VicModem connections, its mostly the simplicity and that everything was so new and exciting. But most of all, I didn’t worry about cyber crimes, viruses and malware. If there is ever going to be a time for an apocalypse it’s NOW. I feel like the whole world has gone mad. Let’s face it, everyone is a zombie. No, really. All I see are people buried in their phones, iPads or computers. This gal walked right in front of my car while texting on her phone, never looked up either. I traveled all over the US during my career and I used to have great conversations with the people I met. Now, forget it. Every person in the airport is staring into their device. So, yes...I miss my old Commodore. I know, I’m old, but still bad!
I am now retired (VERY EARLY AGE) from the corporate world. Studying for the Security+ Exam and writing a novel. Glad to have found this forum.


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Yes, I know exactly how you feel. I used to be Commodore geek since 80s. Then it was Amiga 1200. Still got it. Still workes great :). Diving through hexadecimal codes, cracking, redoing, translating all the software... Loved those good ol' days. Miss them a lot. Good life.. good friends.. real, living, talking people. Real hand shakes, real discussions.. Some scary times have come.