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    can u help me to find best antivirus with firewall and backup sistem i am new here and dk wher to post me problem soo sry if is not here the place for me post and sr me bad Eng.

    me os is win.10 pro 64bit


    Won't comment on the the antivirus and firewall because you created a separate thread for that. Malwarebytes is good, but I would recommend supplementing it with Zemana AntiMalware, or even Crystal Security. Both have portable versions so they don't take up system resources in real-time. Do clarify what adblocker you have instead of just typing "yes" (EX: ADGUARD, uBlock Origin, Adblock?). I'm not an expert in the backup software department, so I'll leave that to others more knowledgeable. You have Windows 10 Pro + Smartscreen, so you have that going for you. Maybe consider a system cleaner like CCleaner, Privazer? Not required, but it's good to clean the system once in awhile. Again, we gotta sort out that real-time protection soon because that's your first line of defense (see my post in your other thread).


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    i use adblock plus 1.1 i thing for something like eset smart security 9 there i have firewall and antivirus in one something like kaspersky total security. and yes i use cccleaner and its good cleaner never have problem with that ap


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    Most important thing from the get go is playing with malware on your host OS and not in a protected environment such as a Virtual Machine.
    Please do not take offense but judging from your question about AV & Firewall and a recent infection(within 3 months) you probably should not be playing with malware.Testing malware is for experienced testers and or expert users.
    3rd party Firewall ?? You mean Windows Firewall?
    Malwarebytes Antimalware can run along side any Antivirus.It is sometimes better served as an on demand scanner.
    I would tackle selecting an AV & Firewall first and foremost before worrying about on demand scanners.You should have Windows 10 built in Security(UAC,Smartscreen,Defender & Windows Firewall)enabled ?
    There really is no best solution but in order to offer some suggestions you need to provide us with some information:
    • Free or Paid
    • Security Suite(AV & Firewall) or AV only and either Windows Firewall or a 3rd party Firewall
    I would strongly suggest looking into:
    • A Password manager
    • Privacy/cleaner such as CCleaner
    • Some type of system backup solution
    Thanks for sharing your config :)


    Level 37
    Hello @MixeraBG. Thank you for sharing your configuration. Your English is clearly written, and we do understand you well!:)
    As exterminator20 and our fellow members/friends have already shared essential steps in where to focus, I will instead share a post by another of our knowledgeable members whom is also European. English is not his birth language either, but his words are very well written; and they helped me greatly.;) Your Mouseclick Matters Guide