Monitor Decision : PG279Q vs MG28UQ


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Nov 17, 2016
Hi All,

Been researching this topic for a while now and wanted some suggestions.
I am not a gamer, however I do play WoW, Witcher 3, and a few offline MMO, like FF10, FF11, etc... NO FPS at all, quit playing CSGO, Overwatch, etc...

As for work, i dabble in codes, little photoshop, and mostly word or excel documents.

I recently got a great deal and surprisingly a perfect PG279Q, no dead pixels and no backlight bleed, I mean the blacks were uniformly black. The cons is it cost me $700

I was also gifted a monitor MG28UQ, while its nice to have both and use them both, My desk only has room for 1 monitor.

They both serve me on a different purpose, the MG28UQ is 4k and while its only 60hz, the details and amount of work or games I play seems to be okay not great.

The PG279Q on the other hand, lacks a bit on the detail side, however the colors, smoothness, view angle is amazing, if I wasn't gifted the 28UQ, i would have no problem keeping it

Both fits my need fine, one professionally (MG28UQ) and one for all around use (PG279G)

TLDR: which should i keep? PG279G would cost me $700 which i could use to upgrade my aging gtx980 SLI or the MG28UG and lost out on the smoothness and 144hz only when I game, but it seems the games I play I don't benefit from high refresh rate.

Edited correct Model #, thanks to @CyberTech
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Nov 10, 2017
Well its hard to chose it, the PG279Q have G-SYNC and 165Hz while MG28UQ have FreeSync and 60Hz as you said no FPS at all ok i think in my opinion if you are not a gamer as you mentioned then would go with the MG28UQ (y)