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Jan 14, 2015
I have noticed whilst playing Diablo 3, every now and again I get disconnected from the actual game, but not the actual service (no not referring to Launcher login).

Been monitoring using some tools and seems I am having some packet losses.

Only problem here is I can't find my maintenance stick, where my usual tools are, so working from the top of my head, I grabbed only a handful of them for diagonisis and troubleshooting.

Any user who has experience in the field, care to share some names? Looking Glass has also been used but cannot use it in realtime for full monitoring.

I also checked McAfee ES firewall logs, as well as its rules. everything is configured properly.

Switching from OpenDNS to my ISP DNS still the same.

I have not done flushdns yet for a reason: I want to be certain what exactly and at what point is causing the packet lost.

I know flushdns will solve the matter.

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