Level 29
PSA: Security researchers have discovered a new malware infecting more than 25 million Android devices. Dubbed “Agent Smith,” the code makes its way on to a device through sketchy apps and then disguises itself as a Google-related application.

According to a press release from security firm Check Point, once Agent Smith is active on the device, the malware looks for common apps and replaces them with malicious versions. The altered apps show fraudulent ads for financial gain.

“The malware attacks user-installed applications silently, making it challenging for common Android users to combat such threats on their own,” said Check Point’s Head of Mobile Threat Detection Research Jonathan Shimonovich.

The methods used are similar to other malware such as Gooligan, Hummingbad, and CopyCat. Check Point also says that the vector could easily be used for more nefarious and harmful purposes such as stealing bank information or spying.
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Level 20
As time goes by it seems that Android is getting more dangerous than Windows.
Once Windows was the top OS so it was targeted more and some said Android is more secure, but now as Android is being used more and more we can see that its getting targeted more often.
But the most important problem is that every-kind of Os is failing stop malicious users.
Also, we must remember that using apps only from the app stores (Android, iStore etc) doesn't give any kind of safety guarantee, its just a propaganda by their owners to garner more and more profit.