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Jun 1, 2019
Hello my friends.

I wonder if you host movies on Onedrive? What if this cannot lead to an account ban? Is that I have Microsoft 365 and have 3 licenses left each with 1 terabyte and I would like to use such an account to store some movies that I have on my external HD.

Thank you ;)
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Jan 8, 2011
Yes, as long as you're not sharing it.

The only time we currently use file hashes for automated takedown is when known child pornography is re-uploaded to the service after being reported.
For copyrighted content, we have to respond to DMCA notices like other services. Sharing content to the public and getting reported by a third party is the only path for that. And in those cases, you definitely get a specific notice about the takedown.
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I don't think they'll really care unless you turn yours into something resembling The Pirate Bay.

I've had movies stored and such.
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