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Mozilla seems to be ready to kick off the rollout of WebRender, a new system whose purpose is to make rendering much smoother by pushing it even beyond 60 frames per second.
As per this reddit thread, Mozilla will enable WebRender for 5% of the users beginning with the release of Firefox 67, with the rollout to advance gradually in the next updates.
While specifics haven’t been provided, it’s believed WebRender could only become available for Windows 10 users at first, and Mozilla might only enable it on devices where an NVIDIA GPU is detected. This is the reason the company goes for a gradual rollout, as Mozilla first wants to gain more data on how rendering is improved before more devices are getting the new feature.


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It's brought over from Servo (their new rendering engine written in Rust(y)). Rust is a object oriented language simular to C++ but it does not have the memory security issues of C++. So for Windows 7 users Firefox is now probably the safest browser you can get with the internal security mechanisms of your OS.


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Does it applies to FF for android? I can see


I'm using FF v67. 0 for android..... well, I just enabled them
I don't think it will work on Android. You are welcome to try though. After changing those two settings in about:config to 'True', check what does about:support says in front of 'composting'.
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