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Privacy Possum, is something different in my opinion, what Privacy Possum does is change the browser agent that is like a fingerprint of your browser.
The Referrer is to give the reference of where you arrived before visiting a certain page.

Firefox: Enable/Disable Referrer
PP does block various referer headers - specifically set-cookie header, etag header, some fingerprinting, etc. . It is truly a Jack-of-all-trades. It is still useful in FF, but especially in Chromium.

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this is what happens to good companies like moz://a
and privacy killer companies like Facebook become bigger and bigger everyday
this is the world we live in
moz://a has done a lot of things for internet
wish moz://a see good days soon :(
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Mozilla is laying off 250 people, about a quarter of its workforce, and plans to refocus some teams on projects designed to make money. The company will have roughly 750 employees going forward, a spokesperson confirmed.

The coronavirus pandemic “significantly impacted our revenue,” Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker wrote in a blog post this morning. “As a result, our pre-COVID plan was no longer workable.”

Mozilla’s operations in Taipei will be closed as a result of the layoffs. The company didn’t otherwise say which teams will be impacted. Mozilla previously laid off 70 people in January, blaming the slow rollout of new revenue products, according to TechCrunch.
i lost interest in them when they fired Eich. he was the innovator and the brains. so that creativity is now in the brave browser, which is trying to create an alternative to googles ad empire. that would have all been a part of firefox.
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All Firefox users need to start supporting Mozilla instead of begging for more free products. Buy their services.
There's the issue that people donate but the money isn't used where it needs to be used.

For example, I have seen discussions of the problem donations can have. Users donate to the Mozilla Corporation thinking that will help improve their browser but the one that maintains it is actually the Mozilla Foundation