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MRG Effitas have published their latest Online Banking and Endpoint Security Report, conducted in October 2012.

MRG Effitas said:
This is the fourth Online Banking Browser Security report we have published. These reports have all had the same core purpose, this being to assess the efficacy of range of products against a man in the browser (MitB) attack, as used by real financial malware.
The stimulus for publishing these reports stems from the evidence we gain from our private research which suggests that most endpoint security solutions offer minimal to no protection against early life financial malware.

PDF Report

MRG Effitas said:
We were surprised to see how badly the dedicated Endpoint Financial Fraud Prevention and Anti-Keylogging Applications performed, with only Quarri Protect On Q, SoftSphere DefenseWall, Trusteer Rapport and Zemana Antilogger fully protecting the system.

We were pleased to see that both Avast and Kaspersky have chosen to implement a secure browser functionality and that these proved effective against the MitB attacks.

Congratulations to Comodo Internet Security Pro and Emsisoft Anti-Malware for their excellent performance which was as a result of good detection and layered protection.