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Hi Muppet, I am in agreement with frogboy in that you've a very nice setup!:) In fact, just two days ago I'd upgraded my wife's Vaio lap top to Windows 10's latest "Anniversary Edition" too. She likes the way it works and also the way it looks much better which is the proof in the pudding!:p

Something I'd learned from reading the advice of our Staff Members, specifically Exterminator, was switching my Microsoft Account to a "local" account which, although I've noticed no obvious differences on my end, greatly increases ones user level of privacy!:cool:

To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Click on the Windows symbol
  2. Find, & <click> on your own Windows avatar (picture)
  3. Choose "Change Account Settings"
  4. Below your name/picture you may choose "Sign in with local account instead"
Thank you for sharing your configuration today.
I shall look forward to how you and the future shape it's development! :D
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I am assuming you have Windows Defender running with MBAM Premium?
BY "ESET" in on demand scanner entry are you using ESET Online scanner?
What was you recent malware problem if you do not mind sharing it?
Nothing wrong with Windows 10 security and good browsing and clicking habits.
I would consider an additional on demand scanner like Zemana.
Thanks for sharing your config :)