Music Player AIMP has reached version 5.00 final


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Aug 17, 2014

AIMP v5.03, build 2397 (01.08.2022)​

Plugins: MyClouds - support for WebDAV for Cloud@

Common: BASS libraries has been updated
Advanced search: the "clear queue" menu item has been added
Tag editor: compatibility with Windows Explorer has been improved
Plugins: MyClouds - templates for the services that does not support for content-range command has been removed

Fixed: general - files that full path more 260 symbols cannot be played on Windows 10
Fixed: Audio Converter - the "target file name" column does not take encoding mode and chapters into account
Fixed: tag editor - sometime it starts without a list of sent files
Fixed: playlists - XSPF - image links are not loaded
Fixed: plugins - information bar - toolbar icons has incorrect order for 150% UI scaling factor
Fixed: plugins - scheduler - the "start recording" action does not wait while new stream being loaded if app is playing another radio stream.
Fixed: plugins - scheduler - repeat thought day works incorrectly, if time range is set to 24 hours
Fixed: plugins - BASS_AAC - opening certain M4A files lead to stack overflow that lead to app crash (regression)
Fixed: plugins - MyClouds - app hangs up if cloud server does not support for content-range command
Fixed other minor issues
Source: AIMP - Changelog