My Cataract Eye Operation Experience


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Oct 9, 2016
Just went for my left eye operation 2 days back. If everything goes smoothly I'll be having another operation on my right eye in the middle of next month.

I'm sharing my experience here. This experience is for eyes with cataract issue ONLY and without other eye problems. Note that the symptoms may not happen to everyone. Also, if your eyes have other problems you may require to wear spectacles after the cataract operation.


Had this blurred vision a few years back. I went for a check up then and was told my condition was not too serious so I held back the operation till now.


1) Blurred vision. Initially, I see double vision, later more images and now 6 images. Like seeing 6 moons, 6 car headlights with my non-operated eye. Even with spectacles I cannot see a person clearly 6 feet away
2) Can see a rainbow halo around the moon, car headlights, street lamps etc
3) Whatever true white and bright colors was actually slight yellowish in color and not so bright. I confirm the color differences and contrast between my non-operated eye and the just-operated eye. I supposed the eyes adapted the dull brightness/colors over the years.

Operation Method

They used ultra sound to break up the cataract layer and then suck out the broken pieces. No laser method.

Lens Implantation

2 types of lens available for implantation.

1) Single focal lens. The lens implanted is to allow you to see far and middle (arm length) objects. You'll need a pair of reading glass for close up viewing. I opted for this as it's cheaper and don't have the issues of the multi-focal lens below.

2) Multi-focal lens. Allow the user to see far, middle and near. No spectacles required after operation. CONS include more expensive, you'll see rainbow halo around lamps and the images won't be as sharp as the single focal lens as informed by the eye surgeon.

How soon can you operate the 2nd eye?

The operation is a day operation. That is you go in and after 2 hrs you'll be discharged if everything goes smoothly. The actual surgical operation is about half an hour. You feel no pain during the operation.

According to the eye surgeon it's strongly advisable to have a month interval before the next operation. This is to ensure no complications arise after the first cataract operation which can affect the 2nd eye.

After the Operation

Wearing of dark glass is recommended initially because

1) to protect against accidental knocking to the eye
2) from flying sand and dust
3) against strong sunlight

Risks and Precautions

Yes, there are risks and complications during the operation just like any surgical operation. A list of risks will be given to you. If you are lucky then nothing will happen to you. As for precautions there's a list of DON'Ts given to you after the operation

What happens in future if the lens get blurred?

The implanted lens is just like your spectacle lens. They can get blurred over the years because of abrasion. In this case you can return to the eye clinic to have them polish if they affect your vision. They'll NOT operate to replace the lens.


Now, I see everything in true white and clear bright colors with my operated eye. I'm very happy that my vision is being partially restored. Looking forward to operate the next eye
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Nov 4, 2011
My father had cataract eye operation three years ago so I can understand the issues you were facing before the operation. It's great to know you are feeling better after the operation. Wish you best of luck for another operation. :):):)


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Apr 1, 2019
Good luck, I hope your eye heals well. I may have to have wrist surgery soon, actually in the orthopedics office waiting for the doc as I write this. Hoping another cortisone injection will do the trick, I hate surgery. Can’t imagine eye surgery.


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Jul 3, 2015
I'm too afraid to try it myself, but I wish you the best of luck and thanks for sharing this personal story (y)
Yes, every operation has a certain risk factor, and I put it off for years, until I couldn't take the blurriness anymore. It went very smooth, quick recovery, dramatic improvement. I only needed it in one eye.


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Nov 19, 2012
My father and Mother both have got operated two times each and all were successful. My father's first one was done in conventional way, it was a long time back.
The phaco procedure used now a days is much better and there is nearly no chance of it creating any problem.
So, don't worrry my friend everything will be right and very soon you will be able to see clearly with both eyes.

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