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I'm not too tech savvy, and don't really know how to use computers but I'm certain thee are a few of you out there who know what they're doing!

I have a mac book air. I tried downloading a voice changer (for comedic purposes with friends) but was unsuccessful. It made me install this program, after already installing one. It then made my computer really glitchy and open all these windows of stuff I've never seen (a whole bunch of moving text and different programs).

The only issue that annoys me the most, is that is brings up:
When I try and search something in the google, the search bar in the top of my screen, first goes to this:
test - Yahoo Search Results Yahoo Search Results

then takes me to yahoo search engine, with a whole bunch of adds and irrelevent stuff.

How can I remove this please? Whoever can successfully help me with this, will receive a $35 reward in the cryptocurrency of your choice.


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The following link may help you remove:
How to remove popup virus on Mac OS X

It looks like you may have installed an AdWare along with the software you intended to install. I'm not too familiar with Macs but these links may help.

I would recommend installing an AntiVirus for your Mac if you do not have one. I recommend Sophos as it is free for Macs for home use and has excellent detection on Macs. Once installed run a scan to identify and attempt to remove threats.

Free Mac Antivirus and Web Security | Sophos Home for Mac Download
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