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Testable fixes and features:

∙ Bug 2131175:[2017 MR0 F] Encryption vault was removed after upgrade from KTS 2017 to KTS 2019

∙ Bug 2150827:[sUPPORT] Mark as Spam/not Spam buttons are absent in Outlook

∙ Bug 2226714:[AB] Blocked the opening of the site from advertising links

Compatibility fixes:

∙ Requirement 1920901:[bRQ] Compatibility KSOS5FS with WinServer16

∙ Requirement 1957479:[bRQ] Windows Server 2016 Logo Requirements

∙ Bug 2077457:[Audio][17MR0] system-wide problems after blocking audio stream on Windows 10 RS1

∙ Bug 2141891:[2017 Patch F] Need enable script injection in to Edge browser

∙ Bug 2153725:[2017 patch F]Edge: Opening https page takes 5-6mins

∙ Bug 2167189:DUMP: clr!DllRegisterServerInternal_024DA519

∙ Bug 2172879:DUMP: System.Windows.Input.StylusWisp.WispLogic!RegisterStylusDeviceCore_D2F53620

∙ Bug 2181554:DUMP: DomainBoundILStubClass!IL_STUB_CLRtoCOM_35C0052A

∙ Bug 2181704:[KAVKIS][safeBrowser][Firefox] Firefox 54b open InternetExplorer Safe Browser

∙ Bug 2182548:[sUPPORT] Websites don't load if Turbo mode is activated in Opera

∙ Bug 2183057:DUMP: DomainNeutralILStubClass!IL_STUB_PInvoke_BBF3E392

∙ Bug 2251988:Support: GUI doesn't react on user's touch

Special bugs and features (where special environment or infrastructure is needed):

∙ Bug 2169838:DUMP: avs_eka!OnScanEvent_79032255

∙ Bug 2175500:SUPPORT: Unable to send or receive digitally signed email in Outlook 2013

∙ Bug 2182427:[sUPPORT] Certificate verification problem detected: 0x000000ff Safe Money error

∙ Bug 2187999:[2017 patch F] Site "hqrndtfsreports.avp.ru" does not open in chrome browser

∙ Bug 2204324:[Product]: Some components are rejected during update from PUB