Request Help My MSI A6200 Laptop is not working properly

Jun 19, 2017
Windows 7
Hello Friends my laptop MSI A6200 is not working properly first off all i always need to plug charger to start it second whenever i start it recovery screen shows and on it whenever i select any option it said loading windows file/ windows starting and then screen goes black but led lights stay awake(blue light on a moon probably sleep) and charging light.
Tried check RAM and RAM Slots plus connected it with a monitor too check its a screen issue but same thing happened
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Dec 27, 2016
Windows 10
Since you cannot start your laptop without a charger, your battery seems to be dying/dead.
Also due to the above or other reasons (like improper shutdowns), some critical Windows files may have got corrupted, hence showing recovery screen on startup.
(You need to mention which version of Windows you're using, some guides may differ a bit for different versions).

  • Let's first check if there are any h/w issues by entering the BIOS Test mode. Follow this for booting into MSI's boot menu. Run the "Diagnostics" option from there (not sure where will you find it in MSI notebooks, you'll have to browse a bit there). See if any corruptions or errors are displayed.
  • Go to Advanced Startup options and enable Safe Mode. See if your laptop can boot into Safe Mode or not and reply here.
  • It can be a serious Windows corruption problem too, unrecoverable by itself. And if the above Hardware Diagnostics test shows no problems, you might need to repair Windows via a Bootable Windows USB (see repair disk) or make a fresh OS reinstall.