My opinion The best on damand scanner zemana antimalware and malwarebytes

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My opinion The best on damand scanner zemana antimalware and malwarebytes


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Sufficient combination on both detection and removal features but also don't forget Hitman Pro which provide unique features to handle nasty infection (Kickstarter) alongside of Force Start to eliminate processes to start without problems. ;)


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I've used Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for a long time, and since I've been on MT have used HitmanPro. I suppose it's high time, now, that I get Emsisoft Emergency Kit, Zemana Anti-Malware, & ESET Online Scanner, along with Kick Starter (from HitmanPro) after everyone's rave reviews here!:p:D
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Personally, I feel the best on-demand scanners are: ESET Online Scanner, HitmanPro, Malwarebytes Free and Emsisoft Emergency Kit.

I wouldn't scan with all of them. Maybe one or two.

My experience with HitmanPro has been exceptionally well, and I have rarely had issues with it (once it froze whilst scanning but this was a long time ago, HitmanPro is always improving and I never re-experienced this issue). HitmanPro also incorporates the Bitdefender and Kaspersky engine into the product. If I have missed an engine they have in their product, please be sure to correct me.

Zemana Antimalware is very powerful due the number of engines incorporated into the product. However, I do not have a "history" of using it, therefore I am unable to comment on whether I find it particularly good or not.

Malwarebytes Free is a good product to have on demand, and has been proven by many people to be effective, however the disadvantage to it which I personally do not like is the long scanning times. HitmanPro can scan my system in about 10 or less minutes. Of course a faster scanning time does not always represent a better product (since Malwarebytes may scan other areas that HitmanPro does not scan in - which in the long run is more effective since malicious objects may be stored in those extra areas Malwarebytes scans in).

Emsisoft Emergency Kit, provided by the company Emsisoft. Emsisoft have the Bitdefender engine incorporated into their product, meaning you will be scanning with both the Emsisoft engine and the Bitdefender engine. This is good since it provides better detection rates across the line in the long run (since Bitdefender may pickup something that Emsisofts engine won't), however a disadvantage I should mention is that the False Positive count may be higher. You may also experience this issue whilst using Zemana Antimalware, due to the long count of engines they have linked up to their product.

ESET Online Scanner, well it's by the famous company ESET who are known and have a very high reputation for protecting peoples systems. They have a very large userbase of happy users, and I personally feel they are a good choice. I feel the Web protection provided by ESET is also very good, and I do like them when it comes to scanning malware since they are also known to have very good signatures. That's not to say the other Antivirus/Antimalware companies don't, so just make sure you know I am not saying they don't. If you want to use another Antivirus other than ESET, ESET Online Scanner may come in handy to give you a powerful scan on your system on-demand.

I recommend picking maybe one on demand scanner and a good Antivirus product. The Antivirus product should be carefully picked so that it realls protects you. There's no point in installing any Antivirus product which in the long run won't really help you and has bad professional but user reviews also.

Cheers. ;)
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