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When I turn on my phone, theres a circle that pops up on my phone's homescreen, and the only way that i found to get rid of it is to tap it. When you do, you are redirected to, which is named Home123 in the multitab view. This opens in Google Chrome. How do i remove this malware?


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That's potentially caused by an installed application that's showing ads/banners. The most efficient solution tends to be to browse through your application manager and uninstall every single application you don't recognise. Given the fact that it's probably an app you reciently downloaded, that should solve the problem. Before going any further, I suggest you try this.


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From the way I see, into there is no reference of, anyway there is,

Search -

Now, the best approach would be using NetMonitor and see who triggered that connection in my opinion

I deal with many Android apps, thousands, this is not common way of advertising, you could expect and flag the application that do this as malware.

If you have time, you could also export the list of apps you have and analyze them one by one, from your description that seems more than an api call for advertising, an app widget launching on boot, probably is not the only domain contacted, but only what you can see, at DNS level I am quite sure there is more.

P.S. Analyzing a bit, and seeing low results, I suspect that site you see is only the final result of a redirect chain, in this case NetMonitor should be the best choice for you to detect that shady app,

Examples: Search -


I think this domain is a sort of generator for redirect chains, used by some apps for shady advertising

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Try to hard reset your phone. I'm sure that will clean everything since if you do it like this, some leftovers will still be present in the phone's memory.