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May 1, 2019
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May 31, 2019
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Are you interested in mySteganos Online Shield VPN? Just enter your e-mail address, confirm e-mail and we will send you your personal serial number.


Level 1

Absolute security and privacy
For all your devices - IT Security made in Germany
What applies to your smartphone or tablet also applies to your Mac and Windows PC. As soon as you are online, your data is at risk. mySteganos Online Shield VPN protects you and your computer in public Wi-Fis, in the café, library or at the airport. Business affairs remain secret and private affairs remain private. Browse safely and anonymously wherever you are.

Worldwide protection in every WiFi and mobile network

Free from regional content blocks and censorship

Across platforms - now also available for macOS

Safe from hackers and data espionage

Maximum anonymity - at home, in the office and mobile

Includes iOS and AndroidApps