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Hello friends! :)

I was surfing on youtube when I had a look to a review (posted link) of Nano Antivirus.

Just read something around on MalwareTips, but didn't find many topic about this product.
It's a lot of time it's in beta, but performed well in this test.

I am not saying that this product is the ultimate malware protection, nor it's a good/bad/perfect AV basing myself on a single review or test. :D

I would just know your opinions about this AV and why it's not very common among our members. ;)


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Installed NANO AV last yeat and ran it for a couple of months. After removing NANO AV and switching to a different AV - full scans with several well known stand alone scanners revealed no infections. It did it's job well.

All I can say is that it's a BETA product and has been for a very long time. On the plus side it's free.

I stopped using it after getting fed up with needing to fully remove then reinstall NANO AV every time a product update was available. This was as a result of using Comodo Firewall (my choice) which always interfered with the update process. If was easier to disable the firewall, reinstall NANO AV then add installed files to the trusted list.
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