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Feb 4, 2016
The new feature isn't quite as useless as "downloading more RAM," but keep your expectations low.

For years now, there’s been an old joke. “Do you need more RAM on your smartphone? Just download it!” There are even apps on the Play Store and a hilarious website that play into this trope.

The joke is that since RAM is a physical aspect of your phone, it’s impossible to add it via software. However, a new feature called Samsung RAM Plus is rolling out now the Galaxy A52S (via SamMobile), and it is likely as close as we’re going to get to being able to download more RAM.

RAM Plus essentially co-opts a portion of your phone’s internal storage and converts it into up to 4GB of “RAM,” meaning virtual memory. In certain situations, this could increase the performance of your phone. However, since the RAM is virtual and not physical, it could have little-to-no effect on performance. In some situations, it could even weaken performance.