Netflix Bait: Phishers Target Streamers with Fake Service Signups


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Aug 17, 2014
The past year’s massive migration of movie and television audiences to streaming services has provided scammers with a sweet opportunity to launch phishing attempts to lure would-be subscribers into giving up their payment information.

Where there’s payment data, cybercriminals are sure to follow, Kaspersky’s Leonid Grustniy pointed out in his latest report, warning about phishing campaigns disguised to look like Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming service offers.

“Streaming services offer a variety of payment plans, but generally they all involve paying with a credit card,” Grustniy explained. “And where there are card details, there is phishing.”

Kaspersky’s researchers observed various lures aimed at targets, depending on their current streaming subscription status. Fake sign-up pages for services like Netflix were used to pry email addresses and credit-card information from victims.