Netflix starts rolling out more efficient AV1 codec to TVs following Android devices


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Aug 17, 2014
The AV1 streaming codec is something that Google and others are behind bringing to the mass market, and slowly it’s expanding. This week, following successful tests on Android smartphones and tablets, Netflix has announced that it will bring AV1 to TVs.

In a blog post this week, Netflix confirms it will start using the AV1 codec on some TVs. AV1, which has been available since 2018, allows for the more efficient encoding and decoding of data for streaming, leading to higher quality for the end user and better use of bandwidth for providers. However, the codec relies on hardware support.

To ensure that TVs using AV1 streams will provide a good experience, Netflix says it analyzes the steam to ensure the device is spec-compliant for AV1 decoding.

For the time being, Netflix isn’t specifically announcing which devices will support AV1 outside of the Netflix app on Sony’s PS4 Pro console. On other TVs, support is only specified as working on “a number of AV1 capable TVs.” In theory, this should include a considerable number of Android TV models.