Latest changes
Mar 10, 2019
Apple, LG
Manufacturer Model
Android LG V30.
iPhone 8 Plus
Account security
Protected by 2-Step Verification
Screen Lock
Protected by 6-digit PIN
Biometric Unlock
Fingerprint(s) / TouchID
Hide sensitive information when locked
Google Play Protect
Find My Phone
Unknown apps
Allowed via special app access (Android 10 or higher)
SIM card lock
Real-time protection
Nothing on Android, as I only download very little stuff. No antivirus available to Iphone.
Web browsers
Google Chrome browser. Lastpass app PW app on both phones. Adguard premium on both devices too.
Content filtering
Adguard ad blocker as firewall and ad blocker.
Nord VPN on both.
VPN Usage
Public and Untrusted networks
Photos and Files backup
Yes on both devices.
File Backup schedule
Once or multiple times per month
Nominated apps
My phones only have very few apps, as I like it clean and sparse.


Staff member
  • Ditch the 4-digit PIN.
  • Switch to a 6-digit PIN and fingerprint security for both devices.
  • Facial recognition on Android is not recommended. Face ID not available on iPhone 8 Plus model.
As Chrome browser on Mobile does not support Extensions, do you mean the LastPass Password Manager App, LastPass Authenticator App, or both?

@Nevi You can use the text box space (below config) in #1 to explain your 2 devices better.