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Hi all

New Avast Beta version 19.1.2358

New Beta version 19.1.2358

Hi everyone,

new beta version 19.1.2358 (build 19.1.4133) is released.

We would like to ask you for feedback to some changes we made. Please focus on these:
  • Exceptions - let us know if they work in your environment
  • New online installer - test it as much as you can. It contains logic to install 19.1 according to OS (x86 or x64) and also 18.8 on systems with XP/Vista
What's new
  • Online installer
  • Global Exceptions only - we prefer to use just global exceptions that work for all shields and scans. So if you enter some file or folder it should be ignored for both shields and scans
  • Redesigned global settings. There is a specific thread about new settings (report bugs, suggest improvements, discuss, hate, whatever ;-) -
What was fixed
  • Dialog about requested restart is displayed after manual update
  • Smart Scan - bad browser add-ons are detected on x64 systems
  • Data Shredder works also on x64 systems
  • Do Not Disturb mode does now starts for full-screen Windows Store Apps
  • And some boring crashes
Known issues
  • There is no update progress visible in UI
  • Unidentified network toaster can be sometimes displayed
Download links:

Enjoy this beta!
We are looking forward to your feedback.


With best Regards


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How is avast in general for protection and how is there behaviour module? I have avast premier on my laptop and just wondering how this av compares to others.Thks