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Hi all

New Avast beta version 20.4.2408

Hi everyone,

I`m glad to announce that new beta version is ready - 20.4.2408 (build 20.4.5273).

What's new:
- Wifi scanner for AVG brand introduced(with still few minor issues)

What was fixed
- Instup: fix messages in silent mode
- Casting fixed - Bob3160
- several BSODS

Known issues
- UI is not closed during AV uninstall so error message about stopped service is visible there
- broken tray dialog is displayed during edition downgrade
- UI button doesn´t run SupportTool.exe on Windows 7

Download links
Avast free
Avast premium

Enjoy this beta!

With best Regards


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If they want to do the users right this time. Take those annoying scare tactics out of the scan options they are annoying as hell i noticed this last time on my test machine. No other software is that annoying when it comes to getting you to buy other junk. windows defender doesn't have any adds or scare tactics with buying other products. I'm sure avast can splurge to get rid of them... I'm amazed how others on avast forums think this is okay and normal...