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Hi all

New Avast version 18.7.2353

Good news everyone,

new beta version 18.7.2353 (build 18.7.4035) is released.

What's new
- this beta contains bug fixes only

What was fixed
- Improvement in DNS resolving, should fix problems with update and license activation
- Crashes in Do Not Disturb mode
- Problem with minimizing games after few minutes of playing
- Passwords crashes

Changes in settings (only for beta, it won't be part of stable 18.7 release)
  • old settings will be used XP and Vista
  • new settings will be used Windows 7 and higher
There is a specific thread about new settings (report bugs, suggest improvements, discuss, hate, whatever ;-) -

Download links:

Enjoy this beta!
We are looking forward to your feedback.


With best Regards