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Happy New Year!
New stable version 19.1.2360 has just been released to celebrate the new year 2019! This version brings a lot of new features including full 64-bit version, new settings and more..

What's NEW:

- Simplicity! We’ve simplified our settings screens and even added direct links from our feature screens to their settings

- Search! We’ve added a search bar to our settings to make it easier to find what you need

- Speed! Users of 64-bit Windows should now see faster PC startup and scan times

- Automagic! After purchasing another Avast product from within your antivirus, the new product will now be installed and activated automatically — no activation code needed

- Security! Our Firewall’s network detection is now better than ever

What we FIXED:

- Firewall now runs properly (without a PC restart) for those who’ve upgraded from Avast Free Antivirus

- Boot-time scan results can now be found in your scan history

- Fixed improper arrangement in our Web Shield detection (threat type and URL were switched)

- Your settings can now be backed up and restored again

Source:NEW Version: 19.1.2360