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source:NEW Version: 19.6 (June 2019)
Good news everyone!
New AV version 19.6.2383 has just been released.

What's NEW:

A smarter Smart Scan - We've redesigned our Smart Scan to be better than ever, and you can now even schedule it
Improved performance - We've reduced the amount of disk and CPU usage our antivirus needs during the installation of other apps
Improved stability - We've unified some headers across the app for greater stability
A cleaner goodbye - If you ever uninstall us (gasp!), we now do a better job of removing all our files
Bug stomping - Sensitive Data Shield scans no longer finish prematurely, and Mail Shield no longer blocks connections if it can't connect to an IPv6 address
Game on! - We're now more compatible with games that use anti-cheating measures (e.g., League of Legends)

How to install:

1. Update from your existing Avast version via Settings -> Update -> Update program

2. Or you can download and install from here:

Online installers (recommended):
Internet Security:

Offline installers:
Internet Security:

We hope you enjoy the new version!