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Hi all

New Avast version 19.8.2393

Hi, please do welcome Avast version 19.8

These are the official program release notes:
  • Hello, menu, my new friend - Check out all the useful shortcuts we’ve added to our top-right menu
  • Goodbye, double-click - You no longer have to click twice on our popups to open or close them
  • Smarter Smart Scan - Virus scan now deals with threats automatically, so you don’t have to sit through our scans
  • “Reboot” got the boot - A redundant reboot message was fixed. A redundant reboot message was fixed
  • Firewall fix - Changing your Firewall settings will now (gasp!) actually change your Firewall settings
  • Passive Mode fix - Turning on or off Passive Mode no longer shows an infinitely spinning circle (your cat may miss this one, but you won’t)
Some of the other features/fixes in this release that might interest our forum users:
  • We fixed crashes of UI after online installation
  • We are using a new CEF version now to render the UI (3.3626.1895)
  • Fixed crash related to running Sandbox (if double-clicked) and also fixed displaying of detection dialogs in Sandbox
How to install:

1. Update from your existing Avast version via Settings -> Update -> Update program

2. Or you can download and install from here:

Online installers (recommended):
(For Premium Security, just use Premier URLs for now - later on, we would amend these.)

Offline installers:
We hope you enjoy the new version!

With best Regards