Update NEW Avast Version 22.9 (September 2022)


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Oct 25, 2014
Hi all

NEW Avast Version 22.9 (September 2022)

NEW Avast Version 22.9 (September 2022)

NEW Avast Version 22.9 (September 2022)
Hi, all. Please welcome the newest version of Avast AV: 22.9 (22.9.6034)
Major public announcement:
  • Bank Mode in UI Protect your banking details and login information whenever you’re online banking on Avast Secure Browser.
  • Email Guardian Google Login Just log in with your Google Account. It’s that easy!
  • Self Defense detection dialog improvement We’ve redesigned the communication to create a smoother experience.
  • Firewall ask dialog Improved firewall ask dialogs
  • Bug fixes Minor fixes to optimize your protection.
Big props to the team for another successful release!
How to install:
1. Update from your existing Avast version via Settings -> Update -> Update program
2. Or you can download and install files:
Online installers (recommended):
Offline installers:

(In case the hyperlink here wouldn't work in your browser, just paste and copy the URL to the browser address bar)

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