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New Bitdefender VPN will be available for download by February 7th
The free version will be built-in of the Bitdefender security line, with up to 200MB per day, and with the Premium version you can get unlimited traffic per device.
The free Bitdefender VPN will be available for all users by February 7th, free download and upgrades will be available soon on the manufacturer's official website.
Bitdefender VPN compatible with Windows, Android and macOS/iOS will coming soon.
Source: Free Bitdefender VPN for Windows, Android, macOS and iOS ~ Anti-virus4U.com Blog


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It seems that VPNs will be free someday
Not anytime soon or maybe never. U can simply make to much money with a vpn service. And it is so easy to make some crap vpn service and than sell it to a overpriced price. And when a vpn is free, than it is you and your information that pays for it, because they will 100% sell it to someone. There is no reason to make a vpn service free, the costs are to high for that.