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Jan 6, 2017
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Don’t keep cell phones next to your body, warns California Health Department.
You might have thought this old theory was debunked some time ago, but the truth is, the jury is still out on the hazards of prolonged proximity to your cell phone. When mobile devices first became a common item–meaning back in the days of high-powered executives carrying the luxury items, not the current trend of kids in elementary school having them–there were concerns that the antenna caused tumors. This was specifically linked to the increase in brain tumors located behind the ear, as in, where a typical user would point the antenna.

Those fears basically went away, but according to at least one concerned source, it’s not because they were proven to be false. Rather, it’s because the documentation was swept under the rug. But no more.

In 2009, documentation about the association between cell phone use and tumors caused by radiation was placed under lock and key. A lawsuit filed in 2016 to get access to that documentation has shown… well, some gray area.

California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has issued a warning against the hazards of cellphone radiation.

Here’s the conundrum: according to the document in question, there are no legal regulations for what is considered safe or unsafe when it comes to proximity and amount of exposure. But at the same time, the Federal Communications Commission also requires mobile device manufacturers to ensure that their products meet safe use standards. Unfortunately, as the powerhouse behind this issue has discovered, the fault seems to be in the regulatory agencies who also overlooked the matter, thinking it had been put to bed.

Without further information, there’s no final say-so on whether or not prolonged proximity to the radiation emitted from a mobile device is harmful or not, or whether it is connected to the growth of tumors. All that is certain is that the FCC and manufacturers think you should keep your distance, although they won’t definitively say why.
Jan 22, 2017
So what we really need is lead or other radiation prohibiting material lined phone cases.

I am thinking some phone case manufacture could make a killing off of radiation proof phone cases.


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Jan 27, 2017
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Welcome to 2007 when I started with this. In 2008 I worked with a team to study the health effects of cell phone radiation from an engineering perspective, many thousands of dollars in instruments, and 2 years of testing.. Our conclusion - in 2010 was that there was 'significant' concerns. We found resonance within the cavity of the human brain with the frequencies. In effect, the skull provided a resonant chamber for the frequencies to bounce around, collect and potentially cause health effects.

I worked with Dr. Magda Havas in testing we showed through a darkfield microscope that cell phone radiation caused rouleaux of the blood. Otherwise known in traditional chinese medicine as 'Sticky Blood' which causes a wide array of issues including systemic inflammation, lowered immunity and .. cancer. Here is a video on some of those discoveries back then;

An interesting side note on this. One thing we found was not necessarily blocking the EMF, but rather 'scattering' the microwaves. There are two types of materials we studied, RAM (radar absorbing material) and RSM (radar scattering material) and a combination of both. Stealth Jets use something called iron ball paint which is basically (simplistically stated) balls of ferrite mixed into a resin coating with some crystalline material and allowed to harden after coating. The key is the isolation in a non-conductive resin environment disperses the microwaves between the tiny conductive substances causing an internal scatter/absorption. Nevertheless, we found 'dispersal' of the microwaves/emf reduced exposure levels and was easier to implement rather than blocking which could re-direct the energy elsewhere and impede device functionality. Interestingly, this exactly concept is used today in something people call 'Orgonite' and a variety of Cell Phone EMF blocking tabs on the market that use a resin/metallic/crystalline mixture to disperse microwaves into non-concentrated trajectories.

So there you have it.. So yes, 'they' have known about the ill-health-effects, and have also known about methods to help with it and haven't been honest in their disclosures. Hiding warnings about radiation and to keep the phone 'far aware' from your head are hidden in the owners manual of every modern cell phone for liability reasons. The dangers of smoking were hid from the public, denied, and people that talked about it ridiculed for almost 50 years before anyone took notice to protect a billion dollar industry. Counter study after counter study, funded by them, ready to go to debunk any negative study. Active suppression/harassment of anyone involved with researching/disclosure of this.

Suffice it to say, I've used RSM in my home since 2010 and it's based on actual experience, research and knowledge of this topic.