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A new ransomware called Nefilim that shares much of the same code as Nemty has started to become active in the wild and threatens to release stolen data.
Nefilim became active at the end of February 2020 and while it not known for sure how the ransomware is being distributed, it is most likely through exposed Remote Desktop Services.

Head of SentinelLabs Vitali Krimez and ID Ransomware's Michael Gillespie both told BleepingComputer that Nefilim and Nemty 2.5 share much of the same code.

The main difference is that Nefilim has removed the Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) component and now relies on email communications for payments rather than a Tor payment site.
It is not known if this is a fork of their ransomware from the original operators or if new threat actors obtained the source code to release a new version.

Nefilim threatens to release data

In the Nefilim ransom note, the attackers state that if a user does not pay the ransom in seven days they will release data that was stolen from the network.
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