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i had this installed for 48 hours and had to uninstall it due to enormous amount of FP's. detected AVIRA.exe that i downloaded from their website as a virus and couple of other very obvious files as FP. Annoying!


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I'm testing now Tencent PCM...and i have the same notification after 5 hours....the virus database is upgrading...
why does it need so a long time? is it a normal behavior?

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Huge Bitdefender signature updates, after first install, upgrading signatures takes felt forever.
But 5 hours is quite a lot?
With DSL 6000 and WiFi, it took half a hour, maybe less.
When used on a daily basis, should upgrade much faster.

Tencent servers are quite slow, even downloading the installer takes long time
Confirm that.
I have the feeling their cloud also is broken quite recently, the BB misbehaves (does not work, only shows error messages) when cloud is down.
Tried without VPN also, system location Germany.

I As I already posted at Wilders, the first update will be slow, but the subsequent incremental updates will be much faster, due to being a lot smaller in size.


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thx for your help @roger_m and @Der.Reisende and @imuade
so after one complete day the tencent icon still says the same....maybe the servers are very slow and
load the signatures with 0.00005 kb/s.
the second big bug is the disappearance of the GUI in some situations :eek:

it's a pity....tencent is the lightest av I ever tried....awesome lightness....but i cannot
trust any av vendor with so heavy bugs and issues


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so its pretty much abandoned?
It's hard to say. They have never provided any support or changelogs for the global release. So it usual to see no updates listed on their website. While it's been seven months since they released an update, maybe they feel that is currently stable enough to not need regular program updates.