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We have released a long awaited version that now supports Firefox 7.

There was also a bunch of improvements and bug fixes, too many to list.

The release history pages will be updated this week but we wanted you to have the new version without having to wait any longer.

We now support English, German, French, Italian and Spanish languages in one installer now!

Just click the download that was written on Zonealarm forum.


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RE: New Release (ZoneAlarm Free Firewall)

The latest ZoneAlarm Free Firewall release is

Release History:

I'm going to give ZA Free ago, it's been a very long time since I last used this software.


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Still is an excellent strong stand-alone firewall, they added cloud technology from Kaspersky to block malicious connections.

ZoneAlarm Free has had its ups and downs, but now it seams to be back on track.



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I don't have ZoneAlarm installed on any systems at home but I do have it installed on a system at work. I have a ton of expert rules written to keep the desktop it is on locked down pretty tight. I have been using ZoneAlarm at work ever since McAfee acquired Signal9 the makers of ConSeal PC Firewall (which was an awesome firewall) back in 2000. ConSeal PC Firewall was heavily based on custom rules and at the time ZoneAlarm was the only thing that came close to what I was used to when it came to creating rules. Eleven years later, I still use it, and I still think it is a fantastic firewall.