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This is a new plugin that we have here.
It is activated with the tag
This is a spoiler.
You can also change the Spoiler header to something else by using
This is a named spoiler.
DO NOT start using these tags for fun. Only use them when necessary.
Any post that does not comply with the above rule will be edited and the spoiler tags removed.


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This are the three codes you can use :

[spoiler]The content here[/spoiler]

[spoiler="Title here"]The content here[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Title here]The content here[/spoiler]
Feel to play and try this new code in here. :D


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jamescv7 said:
Actually what is the function of a spoiler code? When it will be used?
In case anyone wants to post pictures of spiders, they have to wrap it in spoiler codes. :biggrin:
Arachnida is my least favourite species class.


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It is just a feature added in case we need it.

Not a big deal since there aren't many things that can be "spoiled" in our forum but here is an example:
You post a video inside the Community Video Reviews forum and you also post the result at the end of the post. Might be useful to hide the result using the spoiler tag, in case someone wants to view the video without knowing the end result.

Please don't use it if it is not needed, though.
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