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'Here's a summary of what some of these big thinkers had to say:

David Kobia, director of technology, at Ushahidi
Karen Wickre, editorial director, at Twitter
Luke Flemmer, chief operating officer, Lab49
Sherry Turkle, director, MIT initiative on technology and self
Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief, Wired Magazine '

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'Mike Moore (ekim_eroom) wrote:

@A Z:

The response I get at work (tech support):

Whatever, just don't take my facebook, twitter, flash (a system that runs flash is hackable, so say the hackers), smart phone away from me. All my apps are vetted by Apple - they're SAFE. IPad3 - oooh.

What fight?

Me? I don't have a facebook account (couldn't figure out how to close one, not exactly an invitation to open one), don't have a twitter account (can't think of anything in my daily life that's worth 140 characters at any given moment for ANYONE to care about, let alone the the time and effort it would take to post it), Got Gmail, just cleared my search histories on all my email accounts - paused them all.

" being won simply through the seduction of convenience wrapped in the absolution of the only thing that matters to entities like Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, et al.: profit."


"Fight the future."?

Have at it.

There's too many who just can't be bothered. Whether they're just trying to hold on or couldn't possibly care less (until something foreseeable, (forewarned) breaks), sometimes because they're just too busy.

Back to work.'